En torsdag varannan månad bjuder vi in kollegor, kunder och partners att labba med oss.

Vill du veta mer?

The Evil Force Defeated

Epic Battle – QueensLab OPEN
First of all, thank you to all who came to our OpenLab on Thursday – what a night! We were impressed by all your creative solutions to the task.

But what WAS actually the task? And why?

Well, first of all, there was Evil of course. No plot without some evil in it, as we always say. So the participants learned that the Evil Force were to be fought behind a Great Wall (if there is any resemblance to any other stories out there, these are simply coincidental, as our plot was totally unique).

And in order to stop the Evil, the brave heroes were to build… A CATAPULT!

The wall in our case consisted of plastic cups stacked on top of each other, 70 cm tall. The distance roughly 1,6 m. Intimidating, so it was.

To hit those bricks (use your imagination) might have seemed really easy, to begin with. Why on earth would you need a whole night to manage that? Well, to make things a little bit more tricky, there were some rules of course:

1. The catapult had to stand alone when loaded. No holding, pulling, touching anything. Hands off!
2. The catapult had to be fired by pulling a string.
3. The catapult could not be taller, in loaded mode, than the castle wall –you don’t want the Evil to see you, do you?
4. The team shield sigil had to be displayed on the catapult.
5. Only material provided could be used: PCV-tubes, wooden boards, paper tubes, drills, glue gun, rubber bands, screws/nails, duct tape and lots of other stuff.

Facing the Evil – Problem-solving with designer-developer ratio 1:1

After some head scratching, all the teams got busy creating the most epic catapults anyone had ever seen. EVERYONE was involved. Designers and developers stepped out of their roles and were equally busy and co-operating like never before. It was indeed a pleasure to behold.

On a more serious note. What was the thought behind a group of grown-ups creating toy weapons indoors on a sunny evening in May? We had a clear vision with a completely analog QueensLab OPEN — we wanted to introduce a task where designers and developers had the same conditions and were to cooperate in EVERY step of the process. Not a single computer was involved. Not even mobile internet. The Epic Battle has proven once again that to achieve the best results and on time, designers and developers need to cooperate from an early stage of the project — no matter if they are building a mobile application or a catapult.